ZUT : Zero Utility Token

About us

In the era of blockchain, opportunities have arisen to build a more decentralized and transparent community model. Zero Utility Token (ZUT)  is a hyper-deflationary, ERC-20 with one thousand tokens in supply fundamentally based on pure community intiative. ZUT is a rapidly growing community intent on finding the utility gaps and product need within the DeFi and NFT space. We are a team of researchers, developers, and creatives passionate about finding how we can improve the cryptocurrency industry and empowering our community and partners by fulfilling that void.

We identified one of those needs which enabled us to build and deploy the NFT MultiSend. All proceeds from this product will be used to buy and send ZUT tokens to the ZUT Team MultiSig wallet; this will organically increase ZUT’s value as the NFT Space expands. The MultiSend is just one of many products we have as we have several others in the pipeline. We actively seek answers to problems that arise within the DeFi space to propel ZUT and its community further.

It is a thrilling time to be working in the DeFi space. As we move toward a more digital future, today’s artists will be able to profit on their life work in a more transparent and equal manner. Centralized platforms have stripped agency from artists of every variety. ZUT aims to lift up the tides for artists everywhere with our products and dedicated community.  The value of art is immeasurable. We are solidifying our place as an outlet for independent artistic growth within the context of both finance and artistry.


We want to empower our community to create products and fill the utility gaps within the DeFi space. We provide a platform for our community members to build a bigger, better and brighter DeFi future.

Meet the Team


Jared Allan (@AllanJar)

CPO Chief Product Officer


Blockchain Specialist

Chad Minarcin (@Papacito32)

UI / UX and WebDev

Jonathan Germain(@zuttr)

Director of Partnerships

Samujjal Choudhury(@illusiveSam)

Global Ambassador


Full Stack / Solidity Dev


Director of Propaganda


Resident Artist

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