We are thrilled to bring you our revolutionary and first-of-its-kind product….

NFT MultiSend

Using our revolutionary tech, you can now effortlessly send NFTs as well as ERC20 tokens to multiple addresses all within the same transaction saving you time, money, and hassle.

This changes the game for ERC721 tokens as one can quickly do NFT airdrops, digital collectible lotteries, or snapshots to send a collectible item to your community based on token loyalty.

Another industry first is being added to our product line…NFT Forge Immolator! This allows other projects, creatives, and artists to mint an entirely new type of NFT with special properties embedded within them aimed to increase engagement within their community.

NFT Forge Immolator

Unlike every other NFT on the market, this NFT Immolator allows a user to create an NFT from a picture, audio, or movie file and is able to soft tether to a holder’s token balance on a particular token. If the user falls below a certain predefined threshold, the NFT is quickly burnt.

We also allow a user to hold an NFT for a predefined period of time before being burnt. We will be adding additional available features as we observe, document, and adapt to the market’s desire for additional utility.

Our First Product Line in Our Luxury Collection; Introducing ZUT Coin!

Give your crypto assets the storage solution they deserve in spectacular, custom designed case by world renowned jeweler and crypto-metallurgist Christian Caine. All coins come preloaded with Zero Utility’s Native Token, ZUT.

Proceeds from sales will be used to buy ZUT and place into team’s MultiSig wallet to be used for further development. Be a part of history and reserve yours today.

…it’s like buying a Tesla loaded with Tesla stock options in the trunk.”
Christian Caine

Jeweler and Crypto Metallurgist